About emergency planning

The Emergency Planning team ensures Hampshire County Council can respond to and recover from emergencies affecting Hampshire

Corporate resilience

Our Corporate Resilience Framework describes how we will maintain vital services during major disruption. It also describes how we will return services to normal afterwards.

Emergency plans

We work with the Local Resilience Forum which consists of organisations that would get involved in an emergency. These include emergency services and local authorities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Together, we assess the risks faced by residents. We maintain plans to reduce their impact and respond to them.

Some plans may be very specific, such as those for large industrial sites. Others are generic plans that detail roles and responsibilities of each organisation.

We take part in exercises to check that the plans and processes will work well.

Responding to emergencies

We support the emergency services in responding to major emergencies. This may be through:

  • providing shelter for people in rest centres
  • traffic management
  • public health advice
  • getting information to residents

We work with staff across the County Council to develop the skills to respond to an emergency.

We always have a Duty Officer on call who is able to respond to emergencies and put the plans into action.