Sports ground safety certificate

A sports ground safety certificate sets the safe capacity of a sports ground or a spectator stand. It also sets out the terms and conditions that the certificate holder must follow.

You must have a safety certificate for sports grounds which have:

  • a capacity of more than
  • 10,000
  • spectators (designated ground)
  • a capacity of more than
  • 5,000
  • spectators for Premiership or Football League matches (designated ground)
  • a covered stand for more than
  • 500
  • spectators (regulated stand)

Types of safety certificate

A general safety certificate specifies an activity or activities which the sports ground can hold for an indefinite time.

A special safety certificate is for an activity or activities which the sports ground intends to hold on a single date or series of dates. This would be different to the ground's normal activities, for example a music concert.

Conditions of the certificate

You must follow the conditions on the certificate. These could be things like keeping safety maintenance or attendance records. You must tell us before making any changes to the grounds or stands. You can apply to have your certificate amended, replaced or transferred to another person.

If your sports ground doesn't have a safety certificate or you don't follow the conditions on it, you could get a fine or go to prison.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Safety at Sports Ground or would like to obtain a General Safety Certificate or Special Safety Certificate, please email [email protected].


Safety at Sports Grounds Act 1975 for designated grounds

Fire Safety and Safety at Places of Sport Act 1987 for regulated stands