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Co-production is a collaborative problem-solving exercise, just like any bit of good teamwork – and in each project or piece of work, the journey will look different. Because of this - and because good co-production is so much about how we behave, how we create the right environment, and build positive relationships - it is impossible to create a definitive step-by-step guide. There are, however, resources that can support you through much of the process, such as those available on this site.

We define co-production as:

“Professionals and citizens sharing power to plan, design and deliver support together. It’s about recognising that everyone has an important contribution to make to improve quality of life for people and communities. It is built on the principle that those who use a service are best placed to help design it”

Watch this animation to learn more. Or read the key points this booklet.

Doing co-production well

Understanding co-production is half the battle – people also need to be equipped to get going. This short animation introduces the main components that are needed to create an effective ‘hive’ (conditions) for co-production.

The information from the animation is also available to read in this booklet.

We are all in this together

The tools and templates available here are free to use. They have been co-produced by Experts by Experience - service users and carers – who are part of Hampshire’s Personalisation Expert Panel (PEP) and members of Hampshire County Council’s Adults’ Health and Care Department – to see who was involved and read their thoughts on the process, click the image below.

In creating these resources, we have sought to draw on the wisdom and work of others, including Oxfordshire County Council’s Co-production programme and handbook.

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Co-production in Hampshire

Hampshire has a strong history of co-producing adult health and social care services with a wide range of Experts by Experience, people who use services and their carers. Click on the tiles to learn more about our main co-production forums.

Hampshire Personalisation Expert Panel (PEP)

Hampshire Personalisation Expert Panel (PEP) started in 2009. PEP brings together a range of ‘Experts by Experience’ who have a wealth of lived experience using services as Disabled People and Carers to draw from. Members are often connected to wider networks. Members of PEP are committed to the reform of adult social care and health care. PEP was set up to look at important issues and to work with Hampshire’s Adults’ Health and Care Department, by scrutinising its policies and approach. The group currently meet online every month.

To find out more, call: 023 8020 2625 or email: [email protected]



Hampshire Autism Partnership Board (HAPB)

Hampshire Autism Partnership Board (HAPB) was set up in 2010 to be a decision making body which shares information and develops a strategy to improve services for autistic people in Hampshire. It gives a voice and active involvement to people with autism, their families and carers. The Board actively participate in the planning, delivery and monitoring of services for children, young people and adults with autism living in Hampshire.

The Board has representatives from health and social care (across learning disabilities and mental health), voluntary and statutory services, specialist and mainstream, service users and families, to improve access to better local services for all autistic adults and young people and their families. It also ensures consistency and equality in services.

Contact the Board online: https://www.hampshireautismvoice.org.uk/contact


The Hampshire Carers Partnership Board (HCPB)

The Hampshire Carers Partnership Board’s (HCPB) primary aim is to improve the lives of all carers in Hampshire, and those carers who live outside the county but care for Hampshire residents: no matter what their caring role. The HCPB is an action planning and influencing body concerned with enhancing the lives of unpaid carers.

HCPB has a key role in developing and monitoring the implementation of the Hampshire Carers Joint Strategy.

The Board includes "representatives for local carers, voluntary sector organisations and statutory agencies that have an interest in supporting carers but do not have any conflicting business interest in doing so". (Source: Hampshire Carers Partnership Terms of Reference, August 2020).

To get in touch email:

Jo Hooper (Project Support Officer) [email protected]

Anne Meader (HCPB Chair) [email protected]


The Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership

The Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership (HLDP) meets four times a year to talk about the important things for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers. Its job is to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities by checking the promises in the Learning Disability Plan and considering recommendations made by each of its working groups. The Partnership has ten service user representatives, two parent / carer representatives as well representatives from Adults’ Health and Care and the NHS.

There are 6 county-wide working groups, each with a particular focus, that report into the HLDP:

  • Adult Social Care
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Personal Safety
  • Communications
  • Carers (of people with a learning disability)
  • Complex Needs

To find out more about the partnership, please contact [email protected].


If you would like to comment on Let’s Go With Co-Pro, or would like to get in touch, please email
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