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View my payslip

The current or next payslip will be automatically displayed on the Payslip side of the screen. Your payslip will be available from 10-15 days before pay day, but pay details could be subject to change before payroll is finalised.

Available payslips from previous months can be selected and viewed on the Payslips side of the screen. You can also search for previous payslips in the search box.

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View my payslip

Understand my payslip

My payslip is split into 4 sections.

1. Name and address details

2. Personnel details where you can check your:

  • personnel number
  • annual salary
  • tax reference number - which is the reference used to identify your tax records with HM Revenue & Customs

3. Payments details where you can check your:

  • basic pay
  • any overtime or enhance payments
  • childcare payments

4. Deductions details where you can check the amounts that have been deducted for:

  • Income tax
  • National Insurance number
  • and if relevant, may show
    • pensions contributions
    • trade union contributions
    • loans