Sign in to CSS Lite

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Enter my details

Press Sign in.

On the sign in screen type in your:

  • Account Number - your personnel number
  • Password - the password you set up when you registered

Press Sign in.

You will then be asked to enter three characters from your memorable word. Enter the required characters and press Submit.

The Your applications and services page will open.

Multiple employments

If you have more than one role with your employer you will see a drop-down. You can use this to change between employment details within CSS Lite.

Reset my password or account

Reset my password

If you have forgotten your password but do still remember your memorable word, follow the instructions to open sign in screen, then choose reset your password.

Follow the instructions on screen and enter the characters from your memorable word as requested.

Reset my account

If you have forgotten both your password and memorable word, you can reset your account. Follow the instructions to open sign in screen, then choose reset your account. You will need your Personnel number to be able to reset your account.

Sign out

There are different ways to sign out depending on where you are in CSS Lite.

From the initial landing page press the Sign out button.

From within ESS Lite either press Logout or press the cog button, followed by Log Out.