Who we support

We work with children and young people aged between 0-25 years with a wide range of needs.

Our job is to try to find ways to make education better for them by focusing on their presenting needs and strengths rather than based on diagnosis such as autism or ADHD.

We explore how children and young people’s needs impact their learning, and the quality of their daily life more generally. We help supporting adults and/or the young person themselves to think about what might help them to achieve their goals. This involves considering different factors including learning, language and communication skills, social, emotional, and mental health needs. We always take context into account too – two children with similar needs might have very different experiences.

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How we work

We work in strengths-based and person-centred ways.

Being strengths-based means that we look at young people’s strengths and the positive elements of their living and learning environments. This includes things like having a supportive and understanding teacher, or a calm and structured learning environment, as these features often give us a base to build on to effect positive change.

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