Meet Dave

Co-opted Governor and Chair of the Governing Board at Horndean Church of England Junior School

Dave is a senior manager in a large food retailer, leading on the carbon and water sustainability commitments and engineering innovation for the business.

Why did you become a school governor?

I have two children and one was starting in the school. I wanted to be able to use the skills that I had developed in my work to support the school.

I knew a governor and talked to the headteacher about the role before deciding to apply.

Did you have any concerns about applying for a governor role?

One of my initial concerns was around the lack of academic knowledge and understanding of the board’s processes which I would need to know.

Through training given by Hampshire Governor Services and the school, and being in an environment where all questions are welcomed, I was quickly able to overcome these concerns.

Which key skills and knowledge do you bring to your board?

I think anyone who has any experience of life or of work can bring skills and personal perspectives to the governing body.

Personally, I was able to bring technical skills such as budget control, strategy development and people engagement.

What skills have you gained since becoming a school governor which have been useful in other areas of your life?

The biggest skill I have gained is to be able to ask effective questions and understand strategic planning without having an education background.

I have certainly gained the confidence to ask questions of school leaders.

What do you most enjoy about being a school governor?

I think there are two things I have most enjoyed. One is to be able to see the growth and development of the school family because of the decisions we make as a governing body. The second thing is the new friends I have made over my time as a school governor.

All governors are volunteers and it is really important to me that we have some fun and enjoy the role we fulfil.

What has been your greatest achievement as a governor?

I’m most proud of the way that the governing body work together and with the school family. We have an amazing governing body – all of which have pride in what they do.

How have you made a positive difference to the provision and outcomes of the children in your school?

As governors everything we do is to improve the provision and outcomes of children and staff.

We have provided additional iPads and laptops to support learning and approved additional space outside – with a new log cabin and shelter to support with outside learning.

Any words of encouragement for those thinking of applying to be a school governor?

Please give it a go - you’ll be well supported by the leadership team at the school and other governors.

Headshot of governor Dave Horndean

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