Attendance Legal Panel (ALP)

Aims of the ALP and how they fit into Legal Intervention in Hampshire


Hampshire County Council, through its ALP, carries out its responsibility to act on behalf of its schools. (Education Act 1996. Section 443: failure to comply with school attendance order and Section 444: failure to secure regular attendance at school of registered pupil)

The County Council’s Legal Intervention Team (LIT) will also process Education Supervision Orders. (Section 447 Education Act 1996; and School attendance orders – Section 437 Education Act 1996.)

Each county district has developed an Attendance Legal Panel (ALP). This is chaired by the District Manager of the Children and Families branch. The other members are:

  • a headteacher representative from the secondary and primary sectors
  • the Family Support Service Team Manager
  • Legal Intervention Court Officers
  • a representative from the Education and Inclusion branch

For the three districts which are combined district council areas, it may be appropriate to have two secondary and two primary headteachers.

Principal aims

The panel considers if it is appropriate to pursue legal action on cases presented by schools and to ensure that the evidence provided is robust and unambiguous enough to be presented in court.

The panels will be scheduled at least 11 times during the year to a schedule that meets the needs of the district.

The panel process

If the threshold for legal action is met and if prosecution is appropriate the ALP referral form is submitted to the appropriate Early Help Hub inbox.

The referrer will then be given a time and date to attend the panel where they must present the case.

Referral process

Schools must complete an: