Training programmes to develop cycling skills


Bikeability is the government’s national cycling programme which is managed by The Bikeability Trust. The programme aims to develop life skills to school children, encouraging them to cycle more confidently and competently on today’s roads.

Hampshire Outdoors delivers Bikeability cycle training across the whole of the Hampshire County Council area.

Through our Bikeability programmes, we empower riders to:

  • be able to cycle safely
  • gain practical cycling skills
  • develop an understanding of how to cycle on today’s roads

Upcoming Bikeability events


Our next list of courses will be during the Summer Holidays.

Areas and dates to be confirmed soon.

For additional Bikeability enquiries or for 1:1 or adult training, email: [email protected]

trainees on balances bikes going round cones

Our offer

There are a number of cycling initiatives supported by The Bikeability Trust. Currently, the majority of work that we are involved with focusses on the delivery of cycle training in primary and junior schools, with some additional cycle training available for secondary age riders.

The cycle training Bikeability Awards can cover Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Trainee putting helmet on

Bikeability award levels

Bikeability logo - Level 1

Aimed at primary school children who have already learnt to ride a bike, this two-hour course covers all of the necessary skills of controlling a cycle in preparation to move to the road environment.

This course is conducted in a traffic-free environment, most often a school playground.

Level 1 - Maintain your cycle, glide, and control your bike

Bikeability logo - Level 2

Having completed Level 1, Level 2 is the first introduction to road-based skills.

Working in urban environments with speed limits of 30mph or less, this course introduces riders to safely beginning and ending their cycling journeys, safely passing junctions and parked cards and performing U-turns.

As the course develops, riders learn how to negotiate T-junctions. The four core functions of observation, positioning, communication and priority are taught throughout.

The Level 2 course is between two and six hours long depending on the instructor-to-rider ratio. The nature of the training means this is most suitable for riders who are at least of Year 5 age.

Level 2 - Start & stop, passing vehicles & understanding the road

Bikeability logo - Level 3

Having successfully completed Level 2, Level 3 is the final step for riders.

This three hour course builds on the skills gained from Level 2 and brings riders to more complex road environments like traffic lights and larger roundabouts.

Training areas may include roads with speed limits above 30mph and riders will also learn how to plan a journey to undertake the most appropriate route.

Typically this training is offered to riders in secondary schools.

Level 3 - Riding position, complex roads and confident responses

In addition to the above award levels, we are able to consider additional courses which can benefit a wider range of riders. These include:

  • Learn to Ride
  • Balance Bikes
  • Family Rides
The instructors were fabulous. They were adaptable, friendly and kept us very well informed about how the children were progressing and the plans for each day. They were great! We were really impressed.
Programme feedback (participating school)

In-school Bikeability programmes

We deliver funded Bikeability training for schools across Hampshire, prioritising year 6 students before they move on to secondary school. We offer Bikeability Level 1 and Level 2 in schools.

With our dedicated fleet of vans and through our experienced and professional instructors, we are able to deliver the training directly to your school. We provide all the necessary equipment, including bikes and helmets for students who are not able to use their own.

If you would like to receive Bikeability cycle training in your school, complete the Bikeability form.

For further information on any of the options we offer, or to enquire about availability for your school, email [email protected]

Terms and Conditions Bikeability Training (Schools)

Two trainees practicing cycling in the school playground
Parents wrote in to say that their children loved the training. Some children ride to school now as a result.
Programme feedback (participating school)
Trainee practicing cycling with a trainer as part of a Holiday and Food (HAF) programme

Holiday and Food (HAF) programmes

We support Bikeability cycling training as part of the HAF programmes which occur across Hampshire.

The Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) is funded by the Department for Education. It offers holiday schemes that provide healthy food and enriching activities to children who receive income-based free school meals during term time. A small number of places are also available on HAF schemes for other vulnerable families.

The programme is administered by Hampshire County Council. It has now grown to 140 schemes taking place across the whole of Hampshire this summer with schools, childcare providers, community groups,  sports providers and Hampshire Outdoors Bikeability amongst those delivering activities.

Eligible children and families are those accessing benefits-related free school meals. Visit HAF for more information on eligibility:

Hampshire Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) information

The feedback and engagement from parents was incredible and really nice to be a part of at the end of the day. One parent even phoned us to say they were on their way to get their grandson fitted for a bike!

We also had some stories of children never riding a bike before the day, yet by the end they were completing full lengths of the astro turf - amazing!
HAF programme feedback

Cycling instructor training

For those interested in becoming an instructor, we offer this Ofqual recognised qualification which prepares learners to deliver National Standard for Cycle Training for all ages and abilities.

This four day course involves online written assessment tasks, practical delivery and a final practical assessment.

We also offer the RPL qualification for instructors who are already qualified.

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Children on bikes being led by the course leader

Father and son cycling in a park
Trainee asking a question