Future You

An innovative, hybrid education service

Future You is designed to support learners for whom mainstream school is inaccessible as a result of medical or emotional vulnerabilities

We are a team of specialist tutors within the Secure and Specialist Education Service. This is a Local Authority run provision designed to support those who are medically unwell or those who need help with reintegration into education.

What do we offer?

  • Hybrid tutoring service for secondary age learners, which can act as an alternative provision for those unable to attend their education due to ill health or exceptional circumstances
  • A short term intervention with a focus on reintegration back into education
  • Packages delivered face to face and virtually
  • Curriculum offer including: English, maths, science, geography, history, drama, PSHE, tutorials, social communication and emotional literacy skills
  • We work towards a syllabus outline but do not make entries for exams
  • Working closely with parents, carers and professionals to ensure that the individual’s needs are central to the service provided
All the teachers are lovely and helpful. By learning online, it is less distracting, and the benefits of small groups means they feel that their views and ideas are heard and appreciated by everyone.
Future You feedback (Year 9)
Happy child with schoolwork

Accessing the service

Who can access the support?

Places for the service can be commissioned by the following:

  • home schools
  • Education Inclusion Service
  • SEN Service
  • Virtual School
  • Children’s Home Residential Managers

How is support accessed?

To enable us to ensure that the Future You service is the right provision for the young person, please complete the preliminary screening form:

Future You Preliminary Screening Form

What happens once accepted?

An initial meeting is used to design the package which is most appropriate and provides the best chance of reintegration success. Every package is personalised and based on the individual needs of the learner.

Packages are reviewed every 8 weeks to review goal setting, monitor success and ensure that the provision remains appropriate. Alongside the 8 weekly reviews, weekly reports are sent out to outline all sessions accessed. Half termly reports are also collated and shared.

It's been an absolute privilege for me to have been able to see these students grow in confidence and self belief.
Future You feedback (Baycroft)
Camera and laptop setup with arts and crafts


Those who are unwell, with consultant level evidence stating that they are unable to attend school, can access 2 weeks of sessions without cost.

Charging is undertaken on a case by case basis to ensure that charges are accurately identified for the specific package.

She has surprised me at how much she has enjoyed going into school. Hopefully the combination of school and Future You will get her back on her feet. Thank you for all you are doing for her.
Future You feedback
Student typing on a keyboard