Post-16 provision

How to apply for transport assistance for your child's Post-16 provision


If your request for assistance is approved, parents/carers may need to make a contribution towards transport costs. This is a fixed rate and cannot be offered pro-rata for individual timetables or circumstances. The parent/carer must pay for the first term of travel or send proof of exemption before transport will begin. The Post-16 Transport Policy Statement explains the charges and when they apply.

Distance to travel Annual charge Termly cost
Up to 5 miles £600 £200
5.01 to 7.5 miles £831 £277
7.51 to 10 miles £1,164 £388
Over 10 miles £1,330 £443

Distance to travel is measured from the allocated pick up point to the school. Hampshire County Council will use GIS mapping software to measure this distance.

Request form

If you have explored all travel options and there remains a barrier to your child accessing or remaining in education you can submit a Discretionary Travel Assistance Request form. You must include any accompanying evidence necessary to support the request. A new request form will be required every year and your circumstances will be reassessed. Transport will not automatically continue for the next academic year.

The application deadline for the 2019 to 2020 academic year is Sunday 2 June 2019. Forms received after this date will still be considered, however may not be processed before the start of the academic year.

If you can't afford the contribution towards transport assistance

The contribution may be waived if the family is in receipt of certain benefits. See the Post-16 Transport Policy Statement for more information.

If you can't afford the contribution and don't receive any benefits

You may request a reduction to the contribution based on annual income by sending an email to You must state the reasons for your request in writing.

What medical information to provide if student, parent or carer has a disability

You must send a letter from a medical professional evidencing a medical condition or disability. It does not have to be a GP letter, it can be a letter or medical summary setting out your medical needs. We can't consider any medical condition or disability unless evidence is received. Attach all relevant evidence to the request form.

When to reapply for transport assistance

Post-16 students must submit a new request form each year. If the student’s home address or other circumstances change during the school year then parents and carers must submit a new request form. We can't provide travel assistance until your new form and current circumstances have been reconsidered.

When transport arrangements are made

There is no automatic eligibility for post-16 transport. All applications received are considered as an exception to policy and therefore can take significantly longer than 10 working days to process. Parents/carers are notified in due course.

The deadline for September 2019 applications is 2 June 2019. Applications received after this date will still be processed but transport may not begin until after the term has started. Summer intake applications can take significantly longer to process than 10 working days. On time applicants will be notified of their eligibility status and transport arrangements before term begins but this may be very close to the start of term. This is because we work throughout the summer re-organising much of the transport that is required in each new school year.

When to pay

You will be contacted via email when you need to pay the contribution. Do not try to make payment until you have received this email.

How to pay

The quickest way to pay is online via Hampshire County Council’s e-invoice payment facility. Alternative payment options will be outlined on the reverse of your invoice.