Post-16 school transport provision


There is no automatic eligibility for Hampshire County Council funded home to school transport after the age of 16.

There are a number of public transport service providers in Hampshire. Colleges and schools in Hampshire have their own transport arrangements but the situation does vary. Students should check with their establishment about the transport arrangements and ticketing prices that can apply to both bus and train travel.

HCC recognises that families may need a transport service to ensure that 16+ special needs or disabled students can access a place that is suitable for their needs and so do offer, under discretionary powers, a transport service that requires an annual parental contribution.

Transport will normally only be offered where the student has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names their chosen college or post-16 unit as the nearest/most appropriate or where the student has a disability which means they require transport assistance to be provided.

When submitting a travel request form the parent or carer must provide evidence to show that without support from the Council the student would be unable to attend their educational placement.

Discretionary transport criteria

When assessing an application for post-16 transport assistance, the County Council considers the criteria as detailed in the policy. A new application is needed for post-16 transport assistance every year as the policy statement is reviewed annually. You should pay due regard to the relevant policy when submitting an application form.

Travel assistance is not available to students in apprenticeships with employed status, students attending work placements or work experience or other bespoke arrangements including taster days.

Charge for discretionary travel assistance

The Post-16 Transport Policy Statement details when a charge will be applied and how much this will be.

Distance to travel Annual charge Termly cost
Up to 5 miles £616.20 £205.40
5.01 to 7.5 miles £853.44 £284.48
7.51 to 10 miles £1,195.43 £398.47
Over 10 miles £1,365.91 £455.30

Distance to travel is measured from the allocated pick up point to the school. Hampshire County Council will use GIS mapping software to measure this distance.

Submit a Travel Request Form

See the How to apply page to submit a Travel Request Form.