Planning your visit to Stubbington Study Centre - information for teachers

Our activities, predominantly aimed at KS2, are not only educational but fun too

Also find information about our prices, how to book and essential documents.


The prices for a stay at Stubbington include all activities, accommodation and food for the week. Prices given are for a five day, four night stay (per child). View prices

Resident visiting staff are accommodated free of charge at a staff/pupil ratio of 1:12 or 2 free places per activity group of up to 36 children.

Extra fees may be incurred for additional adults or staff visiting mid-week. To aid with accessibility and inclusion for all children, additional free staff spaces may be available, at the discretion of the centre, for children requiring one-to-one support. Contact us if you require more information on this and additional charges.

Making a booking

We start taking bookings during January for the following academic year. This means we should usually be able to match your requirements. The January booking window ends on 31 January.

  • In February we will let you know the week you have been allocated
  • Enquiries made after this will be offered remaining slots
  • When applying at other times of the year, phone the centre on 01329 662244 first to discuss availability.

When choosing activities for a full week's programme you will be looking to choose 7 two hour sessions plus a smaller session such as Stubbington Fox for Friday.

Confirming your booking

Upon receipt of your booking enquiry, we will send you an official offer, if we are able to do so. You will then have 28 days to respond with your 'Confirmation of Booking' form on which you can enter the number of places you actually wish to book. Please note that you will be financially committed to the numbers you submit on this form and so we advise that you use the 28 day period to consult with your parents to 'firm up' your numbers.

If you need to increase your numbers on the confirmation form, please contact the centre first to ensure that we can accommodate. You will be asked to pay an initial, non-returnable deposit when you return your confirmation form.

10 weeks before the date of your visit will issue an invoice for 25% of the projected total cost.

See booking terms and conditions for further information.

Final payment

After your visit we will invoice you for the total number of places booked or the number of resident children, whichever is the greater

Documents and further information

All teachers will be invited to a preliminary visit evening during the term prior to their trip.

The next scheduled pre-visits are:
Tuesday 11 June 2024
Tuesday 5 November 2024
Tuesday 4 March 2025
Tuesday 10 June 2025
Pre-visit evenings will run from 4pm to 7pm.

All pre-visits start with refreshments on arrival. This is followed by a presentation about the centre and useful information to plan your visit. If required, teachers can have a tour of the site, including the accommodation. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your programme requirements with a member of the Stubbington Study Centre staff.

Schools will be contacted to book into the preliminary visits and further details will be shared via email.

  • Presentation to parents - PowerPoint presentation to show parents what the study centre is all about
  • Souvenir order form - give to parents before the visit and hand in to a member of Stubbington staff on arrival, along with payment
  • Sample Consent Form - THIS IS A SAMPLE FORM - We recommend that schools use the most up-to-date version of this form issued by their local authority/responsible organisation. For schools who use Hampshire County Council’s Outdoor Education Services, this form can be found in on their EVOLVE website within ‘Resources – Guidance, Policies and Documents – Forms’. Your Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) should be able to provide access to this document. Give this to our Welfare Assistant on arrival.
  • Emergency Contact Form - give to our Administration Officer on arrival
  • Weekly menu - a copy of the weekly menu for you to share with children and parents. Children with specific dietary needs can be catered for, please complete the special dietary requirement form.
  • Special Dietary Requirement Form - to be completed and returned two weeks before visit
  • Schools activity pack
  • Stubbington Superstar certificates
  • Earthquake activity certificates