Hampshire Scientific Services

Hampshire Scientific Service uses science to help Hampshire County Council maximise the wellbeing of its residents

We provide the forensic science behind Trading Standards and Environmental Health that enables them to identify faulty, dangerous and misleading products.

We work with colleagues throughout the County Council to ensure that schools, residential homes, in fact all Council properties, and our environment is safe and healthy.

Hampshire Scientific Service provides a scientific advisory and analytical service accredited to the high quality standards required by UK Government and the EC.

To contact us, phone 0370 779 0001 or email [email protected]

Food Safety

We have a team of specialist scientists and technologists who statutorily monitor and advise on the quality of foods in compliance with regulations and standards.

The laboratory analyses foods, drinks, and ingredients for composition, quality, spoilage, additives and contaminants.

Our services are wide ranging and include:
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Compositional analysis
  • Examination of customer complaints
  • Trace contaminants
  • Chemical additives analysis
  • Materials and articles in contact with food
  • Food labelling checks


Our experienced team of microbiologists, food technologists and chemists provide a comprehensive sampling, analysis and auditing service for food, water and air microbiology.


  • Pathogen testing including E.coli 0157
  • Food Hygiene assessment and auditing
  • Food spoilage testing


  • Assessment of drinking water to potable standards
  • Monitoring of swimming pools, spas and hydrotherapy pools to hygiene standards
  • Testing of sea waters to measure compliance against EC standards
  • Legionella monitoring of cooling towers and water systems


  • Measurement

Environmental Safety

We provide the scientific expertise to undertake sampling and analysis of numerous aspects of environmental safety including:
  • Landfill monitoring - Analysis of landfill leachate and gas
  • Work place assessments - Monitoring of indoor air quality, COSH assessments, dust and fume monitoring
  • Ventilation systems - Testing of local exhaust ventilation units and fume cupboards

Consumer Safety

We have considerable experience in the chemical, microbiological and physical testing of consumer products.

The types of products routinely tested include toys, children’s clothes, candles and cosmetics.

Our experts test consumer products in accordance with the relevant safety regulations using European Standard methods.


Our experts have many years experience in overseeing the safe removal of asbestos-based materials.

Experts have specialist skills in two key areas:
  • Identifying lagging, panelling and other bulk materials which may contain asbestos
  • Monitoring the air both during and after the repair or removal process


Charges payable for analysis, advice and on-site monitoring.

Who uses the service?

Local government departments and other local authorities.

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