Could you
provide a safe haven for
Ukrainian guests?

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As the war in Ukraine continues, we are appealing again to the generosity of our residents to come forward to host Ukrainian families and individuals in need.

We particularly need hosts for Ukrainian guests who have already settled in Hampshire, but are seeking new accommodation because their initial six month hosting arrangement has come to an end. We call this ‘rematching’ guests with new hosts.

Many Ukrainians have found work locally and may have children at school, so need less support than someone just arriving in the country. We’ll rematch you to guests that suit your circumstances.

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You’ll either be new to hosting or may have previously hosted but have taken a break. You’ll have a spare room(s), self-contained annexe or even an empty second home, and be able to provide at least six months’ stable accommodation. The space must be safe, heated, and give your guest(s) adequate access to appropriate bathroom and kitchen facilities.

You can read the Government’s Homes for Ukraine sponsor guidance to understand more about the things you need to consider before hosting.

We will pay £500 a month as a thank you for hosting (increased to £700 a month until March 2024). Learn more

How do I get started?

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  • 1. Contact your district or borough council to find out more about how it all works. Or, if you’re ready, ask if they can match you up with Ukrainian guests.

    Please click your local authority below to find out who to contact. If you are unsure on your local authority, visit to find out.


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  • 3. We will arrange home visits, including an accommodation review, safety and wellbeing checks, and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

    DBS is a national verification process which the Government has made mandatory to ensure that people and families arriving from Ukraine are safe.

    At this point we will provide additional information to help you in your role as a host, including the financial support available.

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  • 4. We will arrange a follow-up visit once your Ukrainian guest(s) have arrived.

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  • 5. The fire service will also conduct a ‘Safe and Well’ visit to check the property.

Receive £500
a month as
a thank you

(increased to £700 a month
October 2023 to March 2024)

Thank you payments are available from Hampshire County Council. Once all safeguarding checks have been undertaken, payments will be made directly into your bank account on the last working day of the month, and you will be eligible if your guest(s) has lived in your accommodation for at least half of the month. All relevant home visit checks must have been completed before they move in.

Payments are tax free and do not affect your entitlement to benefits or council tax status. You cannot charge your guest(s) rent for the first six months of hosting. You can find more information here: Sponsor payments - common questions and answers.

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Help a family or individual in need

Ukrainian guests can be single adults or adult siblings, families with or without children, or sometimes adult friends.

Rematching guests whose initial arrangement has come to an end is a priority to prevent them becoming homeless.

Hosts we’ve spoken to have enjoyed discovering more about the Ukrainian way of life and language. Your guest(s) will also be curious about English customs and traditions. There’s an opportunity to share conversations about food, heritage and values, and establish lasting friendships.

women with child
women with child

“We were able to give this mum and son a safe haven”

Alan and Jayne, hosts

women with child

“I’m making the world a slightly better place”

Janie, host

women with child

“We’ve got two honorary grandchildren”

Martyn and Anne, hosts

Frequently Asked Questions

You can host a family or individual in a spare room(s), annexe, or even a second home. The size and amenities you offer depend on what you're comfortable with and what you have available. The space must be safe, heated, and give your guest(s) adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Stays are for a minimum of six months. You can discuss the duration that works for you at the beginning, so expectations are set accordingly.


No worries! Many Ukrainian guests have some English proficiency, which is improving all the time, especially if they have children at school here. Hosts and guests can usually find a way to communicate despite language barriers. There are also translation apps available.


We prioritise safety. The Ukraine and UK government complete security checks on guests. Hosts have the opportunity to meet guests before hosting arrangements are finalised. For your guest(s), we arrange home visits including an accommodation review and initiate the start of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks before they move in.


As a host, you'll provide a safe and welcoming space that’s heated, and give your guest(s) adequate access to appropriate bathroom and kitchen facilities. Beyond that, you can agree your expectations together. For example, some of our hosts retain a living space for their sole use. And while it's a kind gesture to share some meals, it's not mandatory and your guest(s) may prefer to cook their own food. You can discuss all these arrangements with your guest(s) beforehand.


Absolutely. You're in control of your hosting experience and can set the house rules. Some hosts draw up an agreement with their guest(s) covering expectations around keeping things clean and tidy, and about noise and visitors. Communicating openly with your guest(s) will help ensure a comfortable stay for everyone.


Apart from the financial support and home visits from council officers, we provide a welcome pack with lots of useful information in it. Most district and borough councils and libraries run regular events that hosts can attend, such as drop-in sessions and coffee mornings.

You can also read our guidance for Ukrainian guests which shows the sort of issues your guest(s) will be facing and may need your support with.


You will receive a monthly thank you payment directly into your bank account on the last working day of the month. The County Council will write to you to let you know how we will gather your information to process your payments, which start once all relevant home visit and safeguarding checks are completed and your guest(s) has lived in your accommodation for at least half of the month.

For more details see Sponsor payments - common questions and answers.


The County Council privacy notice sets out how we use and keep any personal data we hold about sponsors.