Gordon Averall

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    Gordon Averall

    Asbestos Project Manager


  • The variety of work I do means I always have more chances to learn develop and grow.

    What is your background?

    I started my career as an asbestos analyst and surveyor in the North of England, surveying an array of buildings for asbestos and ensuring proper clearance procedures for reoccupation after asbestos removal. I then found that my passion for asbestos management and looking after members of the public lead me into Local Authority work with Hertfordshire County Council. A few different roles later in Health and Safety and Premises Management has enabled me to see almost all aspects of the asbestos industry first hand.

    What attracted you to the team?

    I always perceived Hampshire Scientific Service as being exemplars in how asbestos can be managed within Local Authority buildings, and we have a motto of “do the right thing”. It is an ethical and professional team who I was grateful to get the opportunity to work for starting in 2017, and then taking on the role of Asbestos Survey Team Manager in 2018.

    What has been the highlight of working in the team?

    Working with a team of people who have clear common goals and purpose; and it really is a team environment.

    How does working in the team differ from work in the private sector?

    Private sector work can be solitary and require a great deal of working antisocial hours. We tend to work locally in one County, and in a flexible manner which is great for enabling us to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We do work hard and have to work some weekends mind you, however having the ability to work from a base, with a team, in one County is healthy for team building and ones self in my opinion.

    What does you role entail?

    I am responsible for supporting a large team of surveyors to fulfil their potential, and to ensure that asbestos is managed safely within the Corporate Estate, according to Current Legislation, Guidance and Corporate Procedures. I help organise planning of our workload, and implementation of quality standards across the team according to our UKAS accreditation.