Training and development

As an Outstanding Children’s Services Department, we are proud to have our own Workforce Development Team that oversees all learning and development needs of our staff. Steve Crocker, Director of Children’s Services, champions the importance of training, learning and development, and the commitment we have to deliver this for all staff.

“The development of the skills of our workforce is fundamental to the delivery of effective services. It is a crucial aspect of leadership and management and is thus a non-negotiable part of every manager’s role, but it is also important to note that each of us has a personal responsibility to pursue our own development.

I want Hampshire County Council’s Children’s Services to be widely recognised as a great place to work; a place where people are valued and assisted to develop themselves and their careers, and to improve their performance in whatever role they play.

This vision brings with it benefits not only to those of us who work here or would like to join us but also, and crucially, to the children, young people and families on whose behalf we all work.”

To deliver this, we operate on a model of six key principles to ensure all staff can access the training and development they require:

  1. Workforce Development is one of the top priorities of the department.
  2. We each have a personal responsibility for our own learning.
  3. Managers make the development of staff one of their highest priorities.
  4. Workforce Development is about “learning” not just “training”.
  5. We promote “time for learning” – not “time off for courses”.
  6. The aim of learning is to improve practice and performance.

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