Our Reablement teams

Who we are

We are Hampshire County Council's in-house multi-disciplinary team who, through the use of person-centred approaches, can deliver Reablement into an individual's home, or into a Care home setting (Bed Based Reablement). Reablement aims to improve quality of life, maximise long term independence and enable people to remain or return to live in their own home within the community.

How we work

We use the wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise of our combined workforce in a complimentary way supporting the individual to achieve their identified goals. Our workforce includes Occupational Therapy staff, Sensory Teams, Community Response Teams (CRT), Business Support, Consultants and Hampshire Equipment Services. We work in a way that seeks to improve a person’s life by magnifying their individual strengths not their weaknesses and making use of the community and networks around them, as well as local authority provided services.