Conserving Hampshire’s biodiversity

The conservation of biodiversity is at the heart of a sustainable future for Hampshire

A rich biodiversity underpins economic development and prosperity. It enriches people's lives by providing relaxation, enjoyment and inspiration.

Our health and wellbeing depends upon a rich biodiversity which provides the following ecosystem services:

  • supporting services - necessary for soil formation, photosynthesis, nutrient cycling and water cycling
  • provisioning services - providing food, raw materials, genetic resources, medicines, and fresh water
  • regulating services - regulation of air and water quality, flood control, erosion, pests, and pollination
  • cultural services - includes spiritual enrichment, reflection, recreation and aesthetic experiences
Nature and health

The natural environment has huge potential to improve health and promote well-being. Evidence demonstrates:

  • People are more physically active if they live close to green environments
  • Contact with nature reduces stress and low mood and helps recovery from illness
  • Nature helps to stimulate and sustain healthy lifestyles

Brief summary of nature’s health benefits

Our role

Hampshire County Council plays a key role in the conservation of Hampshire's biodiversity. This is through the work of the Ecology Team and Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre working in partnership with others.

Local Nature Partnership

The Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership was set up by Hampshire County Council to raise awareness of Hampshire's natural environment and increase commitment to its conservation.

The partnership has now been superseded by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Nature Partnership which is co-ordinated by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

Action plans previously produced by the Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership are available:

Local Biodiversity Action Plans

Many Hampshire local authorities have also produced their own actions plans. Examples include:

Fareham Borough Council

Hart District Council

Winchester City Council