Request a data search

HBIC offers an interpreted and enhanced biodiversity information service

It ensures quality control of HBIC data and provides the most relevant and recent records. Explanatory notes and links to supporting documentation are provided with the data.

There is a licence charge for the re-use of the data. It may be waived for charities, voluntary groups, students and members of the public where there is no commercial interest.

HBIC now provide a pre-paid on-line service for all standard data requests. See our updated Access Policy and Charging Schedule.

The CIEEM guidance on accessing and using biodiversity data is aimed at those using biodiversity data to support the development planning process.

Information HBIC provide

HBIC can only provide information covering Hampshire. For outside Hampshire, use the ALERC website to find the records centre in your area of interest.

Example of a data request
See sample outputs for a standard data request so you know what to expect.
Search area

A request can be made for any area specified either as:

  • a radius from a defined point supplied as a six figure national grid or point marked on a map
  • a corridor of a specified width either side of a defined line
  • a specific site which is well defined on a map or GIS shapefile

You can attach up to 10 files to the online form.

Charges and response times

View charges and response times.

Complete the online form

Complete the biodiversity information request form. It will ask you to agree to the data users declaration and the re-use licence where applicable.

Contact HBIC if you need help or want to discuss any aspect of your data request.