Buckskin flood alleviation scheme

Development of solutions to reduce flooding in the Buckskin area

Proposed programme

In the winter of 2013 to 2014 Buckskin and the surrounding area was badly affected by flooding. A multi-agency group has been working together with local residents to understand the cause of the flooding and develop solutions.

The proposals include:

  • installing new lateral drainage pipes to collect rising  groundwater from between houses in the Buckskin area
  • installing a new pipe between the Ridgeway Centre area to the north of Worting Road roundabout
  • upgrading the local ditches and culverts
  • using natural topography to enhance flood storage at Saunders Field

The Buckskin multi-agency group is made up of:

  • Hampshire County Council
  • Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
  • Environment Agency
  • Thames Water Utilities Limited
  • Sovereign Housing Association
  • South East Water Limited

In June 2017, the multi-agency group committed to work together to promote and develop the agreed scheme. The group also provided assurance that they will support delivery of the scheme if the business case shows it to be cost effective.

Milestone Timescale
Questionnaire November 2017
Scheme design September 2016 to December 2017
Appointment of contractor Summer 2018
Construction start Summer 2018
Construction finish Summer 2019
Scheme design

Proposed scheme design at detailed design stage

Funding for the work
  • Managing the risk of flooding in Buckskin is complex, and finding an affordable option is challenging
  • The scheme is currently estimated to cost about £6m
  • The amount of central government funding available to build any flood risk reduction scheme is dependent on how economically viable it is. The proposal estimated to cost around £6m has been accepted as viable and funding has been confirmed
  • Funding from other sources including from the multi-agency organisations, the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and other partners required to top up central government funding has also been confirmed
  • A project appraisal of the scheme was approved by Councillor Humby Executive Member of Environment and Transport on 24 April 2018
Latest updates

A questionnaire for residents and businesses was delivered to over 500 properties in the affected area. Thank you for responding to the questionnaire if you have already done so. Due to a low response rate, the questionnaire has been reopened until the 30 of November 2017. Copies of the questionnaire are also available at the Ridgeway Centre, Buckskin.

If you haven’t  already responded to the questionnaire, please help us to understand:

  • Where groundwater came up
  • Where water was pumped from
  • What access requirements residents and businesses have

The questionnaire can be completed online:

Resident and business online questionnaire

Due to a low response rate, the questionnaire has been reopened until Autumn 2018.
Initial flood investigation

Buckskin flood investigation 2014


Write to us at:

Buckskin Flood Alleviation Team
Economy, Transport and Environment Department
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