Request Historic Environment Record (HER) search

We can provide data in digital format or as a hard copy

Information we provide

In a full data search we can supply the following information:

  • a pdf report
  • GIS maps locating sites highlighted in the report
  • GIS shapefiles and supporting data. This excludes data from Historic England such as scheduled monuments, registered parks and gardens and registered battlefields. Download these from the Historic England website
  • access to excavation reports, surveys, articles, images and aerial photographs

Access to data from the HER is free at point of use. However, Hampshire County Council reserves the right to charge a license fee for re-use of data. This fee contributes towards the cost of collecting and supplying the data in line with the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.

  • £180
  • one-off charge

If no data exists within the search area the fee will be waived.

The HER may waive charges to the following, except when additional costs are incurred:

  • members of the public for non-profit making study and local interest projects
  • students and academics undertaking non-profit making study and research
  • voluntary non-profit making organisations, community groups, charities and parish councils
  • schools
  • local authorities where set out in service level agreements

The charge may also be waived to projects that are of direct benefit to the work of the HER. Before making a data request please read the following guidance notes:

HER charging schedule

User declaration agreement

Data requests agreement

GIS License

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