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Please read the terms and conditions before use and agree to abide by them.

Historic Environment Record Terms and conditions

By using the HER online you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • data accessed through this site is for information only. It must not be used for legal or planning work. Contact the HER team if you need information for these purposes
  • enquiries related to sites within Winchester District or Portsmouth and Southampton must be made to the relevant local authority
  • information is copyright of the HER. No reproduction allowed without the prior written consent of Hampshire County Council
  • information in the HER should not be regarded as definitive. Although verified as far as possible we cannot guarantee its accuracy
  • we cannot guarantee the whereabouts of any material referred to in the HER and not held in the HER files
  • HER information must be acknowledged as a source when used in reports and publications
  • inclusion of a site in the HER does not imply any right of public access
Using the online Historic Environment Record

HER online has several search fields. You can search on one or many of the fields by filling in the boxes. For most fields you need to choose an option from a drop-down list.

If you make a mistake or wish to run a new query, press the 'Clear All' button at the bottom of the screen. If you are happy with your choices press the 'Search' button and all the matching records will be displayed.

Site name

Enter part, or all, of a site name.

Site names usually contain descriptive and location elements. For example ‘Round barrow at Home Farm’ would be found by entering any or all of those words, although searching for common words such as ‘barrow’ or ‘farm’ might return several hundred matches.

Avoid using punctuation. This may not be recognised by the database and could result in some records not being found.


You can search across all parishes or districts, or select an individual one from the pull down list. Only those on the list can be selected.

The HER holds information for the administrative county of Hampshire. Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council maintain their own Historic Environment Records and enquiries for these areas must be addressed direct to them. The HER records for these areas have not been updated since 1997.

Winchester City Council also has a Historic Environment Record. The Hampshire HER is updated on a regular basis.


Select from the list the period you want. For further information about time periods in Hampshire visit the Atlas of Hampshire’s Archaeology.

Site type

Only site types in the alphabetical list can be selected. Select by clicking on the letter the word begins with, e.g. ‘V’ for ‘Villa, or ‘C’ for ‘Castle’, then selecting from the pull-down list. The terms are from the English Heritage Thesaurus of Monument Types.

Search results

If your search retrieves more than 500 records no data will be displayed. Narrow down your search by entering different, or extra, information in the search boxes. For example, if you are searching across the whole of Hampshire try selecting each district one at a time.

Once you have a list you can press the 'Select' button to view the more detailed record.

If no results are returned check the search boxes selected. Some combinations such as ‘Roman’ and ‘Pillbox’ will not yield any results if used together.

Try using the broadest search possible and then narrowing it down.

Site number

This is the system number allocated to the site by the HER database. Please quote this number in any correspondence.

Additional information held

This field contains a ‘Y’ for ‘Yes’ or ‘N’ for No. Yes indicates further data is available in the backup file in the Historic Environment Record which may not be available on the website.

Grid references

The HER on-line is only accurate to six figures. If you require more detailed location information contact the HER team.


This includes statutory status such as Listed Building and Scheduled Monument. Sites with the status ‘Winchester City Museums SMR’ will have further information available from Winchester City Council.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, much of it is obtained from outside sources and cannot be guaranteed to be correct. For advice please contact the HER team.


More information, and in some cases digital copies of sources, may be available from the Historic Environment Record.