Landscape planning and design

Services we provide to support the planning and design process

Hampshire County Council provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to:

  • landscape and urban design
  • landscape planning
  • scheme delivery
  • implementation and management

This is as part of a wider multi-disciplinary public practice including:

  • landscape architects
  • planners
  • architects
  • archaeologists
  • ecologists
  • EIA specialists
  • engineers

Further information about our landscape planning and design services.

Hampshire County Council also provides a landscape design service for:

  • schools
  • care homes and other property
  • sports and play facilities
  • historic landscapes

Preparing planning applications – guidance on landscape matters

We give advice to Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) on planning applications and to Hampshire County Council departments on their own development.

Information required as part of a planning application submission (see page 16)