Safeguarding resources and infrastructure

The Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP) includes policies relating to the safeguarding of mineral resources, minerals infrastructure, waste infrastructure and potential minerals and waste wharves and rail depots. The Minerals and Waste Safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides more guidance for the applications of safeguarding.

Mineral resources

The Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan (HMWP) sets out a Mineral Safeguarding Area (MSA) for Hampshire (see HMWP policies map). The MSA includes sharp sand and gravel, soft sand, silica sand and brick-making clay. We have to ‘safeguard’ land containing mineral deposits to protect it from development, as well as making sure there are road, rail and sea facilities for importing and transporting minerals.

If a proposal to develop a site for non minerals uses includes a part of the MSA, applicants must consider this. The Minerals Consultation Area (MCA) incorporates the MSA and guides when the Hampshire Authorities need to be consulted.

Minerals and waste infrastructure
Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan sets out a list of all safeguarded minerals and waste sites at the time of the Plan's adoption. We review the list of safeguarded sites and update it regularly. It is published online at least annually with the production of the monitoring report.
Minerals Consultation Area

The Minerals Consultation Area (MCA) sets out:

  • the safeguarded mineral resources
  • allocated minerals and waste sites
  • safeguarded minerals and waste infrastructure

The Hampshire Authorities provide regular updates of the MCA to District and Borough Councils. They should use the Minerals Consultation Area to guide consultation with the relevant minerals and waste planning authority on local plan making and decision making.

View an interactive map of the MCA

View a PDF version of the MCA map

The minerals safeguarding information is based on BGS data designed to be used at 1:50,000 scale and above. It is indicative only.

Requests for information

We charge for preparing and issuing further information in relation to such requests. For example a map and any associated explanatory text. There is a fee of £47 by cheque or bank transfer, this includes VAT, packaging and postal costs. We will send out the information once payment has cleared.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) provide online minerals related data and information.