I am adopted

Many adopted adults have questions about their past. Accessing their records can provide some of the answers

If you have been adopted and are currently living in Hampshire, Hampshire's Adoption Support Team can provide you with advice and support on how to access your records and how to seek information about your birth relatives.

If you have been adopted and do not currently live in Hampshire, please make enquiries with the local authority adoption service where you live.

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Accessing birth records

If you were adopted before 12 November 1975

Please contact the Adoption Support Team who will talk through the process with you.

If you were adopted after 12 November 1975

You can apply direct to the local authority where you live to access your adoption records.
If you live in Hampshire please contact Hampshire's Adoption Support Service to access these services.

Birth records counselling

Many adopted adults have questions about their past. Accessing records can provide some of the answers. Some of the information may be difficult to come to terms with which is why you will be offered social work support and counselling to help you. There is no charge for this service.

The Adoption Contact Register

The Adoption Contact Register is designed to put adopted people and their birth relatives in touch with each other if that is what they both want. The Register does not contain the details of everyone who was adopted or is looking for their adopted family member as it a voluntary register.

To join the Adoption Contact Register, you need to apply to the General Register Office.

Intermediary services

It is natural for those who have been adopted to want to know more about their birth relatives. When the team receives an enquiry from an adopted person, they check Hampshire’s records for information, or write to the appropriate adoption agency, to find out if there are records for the adopted person. At the same time, the team check to see if birth relatives have made an enquiry of their own or have left a veto. A veto is the right not to be traced.

I am adopted