Professional referrals

Before you make a referral

Before referring a client or patient to the Adults' Health and Care department, consider whether you or the client may be able to find the information or services they need online.

The Connect to Support Hampshire website contains:

For information on adult social care services provided by Hampshire County Council, see Adults' social care.

Telephone referrals

Phone: 0300 555 1386

Telephone referrals should be made:

  • if you have a safeguarding concern or want to report abuse
  • If your request is urgent and support is needed within the next 24 hours

When making a referral, ensure that the individual concerned is aware that the referral is being made. Provide all relevant information to help us process the referral promptly, such as:

  • full details of the person's current situation
  • support available
  • options you have already explored
Online referrals

If your request is not urgent, please use our online form to make your referral, or to report a safeguarding incident.

You will be able to print the details of your report and will be issued with a reference number.

Make online referral