Contact Adults' Health and Care

This video explains the different websites and online tools that you can use to help manage your own care and support. You can also watch our videos:

Online information and advice

We encourage all residents to find information and services for themselves online before contacting us directly. This will usually be the quickest way to resolve your query.

Visit Connect to Support Hampshire for information, advice and services to help you manage your own care and wellbeing and to stay independent.

For information about social care services provided by Hampshire County Council, explore our web pages.

Use our online forms to:

Please ring the number below for all safeguarding concerns.

Contacting us

If you need further help with social care issues, Adults' Health and Care operate a contact centre with trained and skilled staff who can assist you.

What we do

  • We provide you with good quality information and advice to enable you to make informed choices about your care and support
  • We encourage you to do as much as you can - with support from your family, friends and community networks - to manage your own care and wellbeing
  • We complete appropriate assessments, service changes and reviews with you over the phone where possible and appropriate
  • Where you have specific care needs, we will help you to find support that increases your ability to manage these and to stay as independent as possible
  • We assess Safeguarding adult concerns reported to us and we will work with you, your family and partner agencies to help you to stay safe

We aim to resolve as much as possible when you first contact us. To identify your strengths and support networks, we may be on the phone with you for some time.

Please be aware that, at busy times, you may have to wait for your call to be answered.

Alternatively, you can contact us by email.

Please ring the number below for all safeguarding concerns.

Phone: 0300 555 1386 
Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm
Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Textphone users: 0300 555 1390

Out of hours 0300 555 1373 
Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am
Friday 4.30pm to Monday 8.30am
All day on Bank Holidays

Contact your social care practitioner

If you have a social care practitioner with Hampshire County Council (this could be your social worker, occupational therapist or reablement worker) then you should try to make contact directly with the named individual. You should be able to find the relevant telephone number on correspondence that Hampshire County Council will have sent you.

If you still cannot trace a telephone number, contact us on 0300 555 1386. Contact names and numbers will not be given out over the phone. You will be put in contact with your practitioner or your practitioner will contact you.

Professional referrals

Information for professionals wishing to make a referral to Adults’ Health and Care.

Benefits and housing

Hampshire County Council does not deal with social security benefits or pensions. If you have enquiries relating to this, you should speak to your local Job Centre Plus which comes under the Department for Work and Pensions.

Hampshire County Council does not deal with housing applications. You should contact the housing department at your local district or borough council.


Hampshire County Council is responsible for Public Health in Hampshire.

For general health matters, health advice is available on the NHS Choices website.