Arrange a break from caring

Caring for someone can be very demanding and it's important for you to have a break from your caring role

Help from Adults' Health and Care

The Take a Break Service

This service gives carers the chance to have some time to themselves by providing a replacement carer for the person they are care for up to three hours a week.

The service can only be accessed via Adults' Health and Care through a carer's assessment and is provided by one of the providers on the Hampshire Care at Home Framework.

Carers who would like to use Take a Break and are eligible for the service following their Carer's Assessment will be contacted directly by the local provider. Carers can book their breaks when the care provider has capacity and it suits them. They can choose to have a few regular hours off each week or save up their hours for a maximum period of six weeks at a time for a slightly longer break.

In addition to enabling the carer to have some time to themselves, the service gives the cared for person the opportunity to identify activities and outcomes they would also like to achieve from the service.

The service offers:

Flexibility - Carers can arrange with the care provider to use the hours allocated to them at set times on set days every week or on a more flexible basis (where the care provider has capacity).

Hours that have not been used one week may be 'banked' for use within the next six weeks.

Personalised care - Before the service starts, the care provider will arrange to visit to discuss what support they need to provide to the cared for person whilst the carer is out. If the cared for person would normally need personal care or a meal preparing during the break, this can be arranged.

Access to the community - During the break the cared for person can be supported to go out to attend clubs, go for a walk, visit friends, etc. This can be done in the replacement carer's car (if available) for short local trips if the person can access an unadapted car without difficulty.

Overnight service - Some care providers on the scheme may be able to offer overnight stays as an alternative to daytime breaks. The carer can discuss with the care provider the possibility of saving their allocated hours for up to six weeks at a time to be used for night time stays, which are planned in advance with the care provider. Where the care provider has availability, they will arrange for a replacement carer to stay in the home to give the carer the opportunity of an undisturbed night’s sleep.

For those who would prefer to arrange a break directly themselves and have been assessed as eligible for breaks via a Carer's Assessment, a Direct Payment may be another option. Please ask the social care worker who undertakes your assessment for more details about this option.

Reassurance - staff providing the short breaks are specially trained by the care provider and are police checked.

Shared Lives Scheme

For those assessed as eligible, Shared Lives offers carers a break from caring by providing short stays with Shared Lives carers in their own homes.

The Shared Lives provides users of the service a permanent home, a short stay, or day care in an ordinary home setting in the community.

The Shared Lives Scheme

Carer's assessment

Request a carer's assessment and discuss your needs as a carer including your need to have a longer term break.

Further information and help