Access to your records

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 entitles an individual to access the records about them held by Children's Services.

This is called a subject access request (SAR).

Information you can see

You can see what Children’s Services staff have recorded about you unless the law allows this information to be withheld. Your request can include information that is held either electronically on databases or on paper records.

Information you can't see
You will not be able to see information that has been provided by other people outside of Children's Services, for example, professionals and other individuals, unless they consent. We need to contact them in order to gain their consent.

You are not entitled to see information that is about other people, only yourself. Under Data Protection Legislation there are some exemptions to seeing the information we hold. For more detail visit the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) website.

Viewing records of children and others

All records belong to the individual regardless of their age. This means that anyone else wanting to view the records of children or others needs to provide proof that they are entitled to ask for this information. In the case of children this is parental responsibility. In the case of other individuals it should be express written consent or some form of formal document, for example, power of attorney.

In the cases of non-resident parents, we may also need to undertake further checks to ensure that releasing the information will not place anyone at risk. For children who are old enough to be aware of the SAR process, they should be involved in the application process and be asked for their consent.

If you want to know which school your child is attending there is a separate process for requesting this information. Complete the Child Enquiry Process (CEP) form ensuring that supporting documentation is also included when submitting.

Accessing school records and adoption records

There are separate processes for requesting access to school records and adoption records.

School Records

If you want to make an application for school records you should approach the school directly as they are their own data controllers and are responsible for dealing with these types of requests.

Adoption Records

If you were adopted and want to view your records contact the Hampshire adoption team. The SAR team are unable to deal with these requests.

Further information and contacts

Childrens Services Subject Access Request Team
2nd Floor North
E11 Court
SO23 8UG


Privacy notice

Information about the Hampshire Council (non Children's Services) Subject Access Request (SAR) process

Hampshire County Council Subject Access Requests

How to make an application

The easiest way to submit a SAR is by completing our application form below. The questions in our form help you to provide the necessary information. Provide as much detail as possible. This will help the team to validate your request.

The information will be provided to you free of charge. However in certain circumstances charges may apply.

The information will be provided to you in a suitable format for you to keep.

Under Data Protection Legislation this information should be provided to you within 1 calendar month of your request being validated. In certain circumstances this time can be extended.