Hampshire Portage Service

Portage is a home visiting educational service for families with children from birth to school age, who have additional needs

We provide Core Portage, Portage Plus and an Early Years Outreach service (to pre-schools and nurseries).

Core Portage

Core Portage is for children who have a significant delay (by approximately one third of the child’s age).

The delay must be in at least two different skill areas. This must include:

  • understanding (known as cognition) or
  • social communication difficulties that will impact on the child’s progress
Portage Plus

Portage Plus is for families of pre-school children with challenging behaviour.

Portage Home Visitors (PHV) work in partnership with families and professionals to plan targets and work towards them.

They will support your child through a combination of visits to the home and the pre-school, nursery or childminder to identify and address specific areas of concern.

PHVs will liaise with early years services and schools to ensure consistent use of strategies that support learning and smooth transitions.

Referral process
  1. Referral received from a health service practitioner, nursery, pre-school, childminder or parent Core Portage and Portage Plus referral form
  2. Initial home visit arranged to see if Portage is the most appropriate support
  3. Child placed on waiting list or other services identified
  4. Once Portage Home Visitor is available, visits commence to home and early years service (if applicable)
Further information

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