Opening a new childcare business in Hampshire

Services for Young Children offers comprehensive support, advice and training for those wanting to open a nursery, pre-school, childminding service or out of school club in Hampshire

Business support programme

We want to help businesses offer high quality childcare services to children and their families.

Our business support programme includes a one-to-one surgery with a Childcare Development and Business Officer. For initial enquiries please contact us.

Market research

Before you consider whether to open up your business you must conduct some initial research and investigation.

Use our early years provider checklist to help you.

Have you considered whether there is demand for your type of childcare in the community you are looking to service?

Our Childcare Sufficiency Assessment can give you details of about childcare across the county and what parents are asking for in your area.

Ask these questions to help with your market research:

  • who are your competitors?
  • what other companies offer a similar service in your area?
  • what do parents in the area want?

Use this market research tool to help you.

Business planning

What sort of business are you going to be running?

Will you be forming a voluntary management committee?

Have you thought about drafting a business plan to show the bank or investors?

Where are you going to situate your business? If you are planning a new build or converting domestic premises you will need to consider planning issues and the impact on any neighbours, road congestion, access and parking.

You must also consider health and safety, fire regulations and welfare of staff.

Visit our Business Support page for further information and useful resources including the cash-flow forecast tool.

Becoming a childminder

Interested in becoming a childminder? See our Becoming a registered childminder in Hampshire page.

What comes next

If not done so already, visit the Ofsted website regarding registering a new business. Also see our page about how to register with Ofsted.

Once you have considered all of the above, make an appointment to meet with a Childcare Development and Business Officer in a Childcare Development Business Surgery. They will listen to your ideas and give you expert advice on what steps you need to take towards opening your business.

Have some training needs? Access childcare training with Services for Young Children.