New Annual Report of the Director of Public Health

The Director of Public Health in every local authority in England is required to produce an annual report on the health of their residents.

This report considers those issues affecting Hampshire’s population that result in poor health over time and early, but often avoidable, reliance on healthcare and social care services. Often, a few minor lifestyle changes would mean that people could spend a far greater proportion of their life as years of healthy life, avoiding the need to access health and social care.

Ageing Well in Hampshire

Ageing Well in Hampshire - Annual Report of Director of Public Health 2016-17

This report focuses on the health of the older population of Hampshire. People are living longer and our older population is increasing in number. Many people remain healthy and independent as they age with the majority of older people reporting that their health is good. However, older people are not a homogenous group and a significant minority spend too many years in poor health. Also health inequalities persist into old age.

This report looks at some of the areas where there is a significant burden of disease and where we have good evidence of what we need to do to prevent disease and to keep people as healthy as possible. This means that our residents will be healthier as they age and more likely to remain active and independent in their own homes.

Previous Annual Reports of Director of Public Health
Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

More information on the health needs of Hampshire’s population can be found in Hampshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)