Healthy communities 2016 to 2019

This chapter will present the key factors for those working to develop healthier communities

Social Isolation and Loneliness in Hampshire

The Social Isolation and Loneliness needs assessment considers the extent and impact of social isolation on populations in Hampshire, especially those most at risk:

Social Isolation and Loneliness in Hampshire Needs Assessment

Spatial Planning Joint Needs Assessment

Our health is linked to our environment in many ways and recent guidance recognises the important role that spatial planning can have on health and wellbeing. This JSNA provides evidence of the links between, and the opportunities from, incorporating public health into planning. It is structured around four themes; green space, transport, healthy homes and healthy neighbourhoods.

Spatial Planning Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Nepali Needs Assessment 2010

This report was created because of the growth of the Nepali community within Rushmoor due to changes in the law which allowed ex Gurkhas to settle in the UK. Rushmoor has a military base in Aldershot and this military connection has meant that significant migration has occurred to this area. The population of Rushmoor in the 2011 Census was 93,800, with 6,131 people (6.5%) identifying themselves as Nepalese (includes Gurkha). Despite the significant size of this community little was known about its specific health needs – hence the requirement for this needs assessment.

Health Needs Assessment of the Nepali Community in Rushmoor

Green Space Planning 2018

This report provides a brief state of the evidence for the association of green space and health, with a particular focus on British studies. It also briefly investigates the research methods used to define green spaces and the importance of considering accessibility and quality of green space for health outcomes. A summary of practical guidelines for green space planning is also included.

Green Space Planning and Health: Research Summary

Green Space Planning and Health presentation