Archived Primary Care Network Data Reports 2019

Picture of Local Health – understanding your population’s health

These data packs provide insight into the health of your individual practice and primary care network populations and have been developed to support your work to improve the health of these populations.

It is recognised that our health and wellbeing are shaped by a range of factors, individual lifestyle factors, social and community networks and general socio-economic, cultural and environmental conditions.

It is hard to be precise about how much each of these factors contributes to our health, but the evidence is clear that the wider determinants of health have the most impact, followed by our lifestyles and health behaviours, and then the health and care system. There is also now greater recognition of the importance of the communities we live and work in, and the social networks we belong to.

Population Health System

The King’s Fund definition of population health focuses on the four broad areas shown in the diagram. Improving population health requires action in all four of these areas and, crucially, within the interfaces and overlaps between them. They describe this approach as a ‘population health system’.

The Primary Care Network data packs provide data and intelligence to help you understand your population health system within these four broad areas.

population health system diagram
How to access the Primary Care Network Data Packs

To help you navigate the data packs please first read the User guide - primary care network data packs before opening the data pack.

Primary Care Network data packs