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Supporting Hampshire
smokers to quit

Free stop smoking service

If you are ready to quit smoking, Smokefree Hampshire provide a FREE stop smoking service on behalf of Hampshire County Council. They offer a range of options to help you quit, including support from expert advisers, stop smoking medications and access to vapes.

Text I QUIT for free to: 66777

Get local support to help you quit

Positive changes when you quit

Teeth - Nicotine and tar stains teeth when you smoke and a reduced blood flow to your gums increases your risk of gum disease. When you stop smoking you will eventually have a whiter smile and fresher breath!

Taste - Smoking reduces blood flow to your taste buds. Quitting will improve this and your sense of taste will usually return.

Smell - Reduced blood flow and harmful chemicals from smoking can reduce your sense of smell. By quitting, your clothes and hair will also smell fresher.

Energy - Your body instantly gets more oxygen when you quit smoking. Circulation improves and you are less likely to feel out of breath when being active.

Breathing - When you quit smoking, your lungs and airways will benefit from the cleaner air. Eventually, you will cough less and breathe more easily.

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We can't guarantee exactly how long the changes above will take,
but we'll help you get started.

Download the free NHS Quit Smoking app Get local support to help you quit


If you are keen to stop smoking and thinking about using a vape, or are using one already, Smokefree Hampshire is “vape friendly”. They can help you which means you will have a much better chance of quitting with their advice and support.

National Public Health guidance is that vaping is not risk free, however, it is much less harmful than smoking and is an effective quitting aid for adult smokers. Smoking is a leading cause of disease, disability and premature death. As vaping is not risk free it should be discouraged in children and young people who have never smoked.

Further information on vaping and young people


Protect your family

If you are not ready to quit just yet, you can protect your family by making your home and car smokefree.

Get top tips on how to make your home smokefree here

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