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Swap One to Local

Swapping one to local is all about finding easy swaps in the everyday things we do.

By making one of your regular food shops, or one of your holidays a local one, we can help our local community, enjoy trying something new, potentially save a few pounds and do our bit for the planet.

What one will you swap to local…?

Swap one of your regular food shops to a local shop supplying locally produced food

This could be once a week or once a month, but every swap adds up!

Eating locally produced food from Hampshire or the UK reduces your foods’ travel miles and can also reduce food waste, whilst supporting your local economy.

Tips for sourcing locally

Many places also offer online services and deliveries, such as veg box schemes, which is a great way to explore the seasonal produce grown near you.

Where possible, choose a shop closest to you to reduce your own travel miles. On average, people living in the UK travelled 700 miles to go shopping in 2019!

Where to start…

Hampshire Fare has a directory of where you can buy Hampshire food online. It also tells you where locally grown produce can also be found in markets and shops across Hampshire.

Hampshire is most famous for its watercress, but did you know that it is also home to the oldest commercial vineyard in England? Produce grown in Hampshire includes staples like garlic and mushrooms.

And the next time you do go to a supermarket keep an eye out for ‘grown in the UK’ labels and see how many items you can purchase from the UK rather than further afield.

Did you know

11% of the UK’s food-transport emissions are from flying products, such as out-of-season berries, into the UK.


78% of Hampshire residents surveyed are willing to buy more locally produced food.


Swap an international holiday this year to a local one

More of us are becoming interested in getting outdoors in the local countryside, finding new things to do and places to unwind. From relaxing on Lepe Beach, camping in the South Downs and exploring the New Forest, there is something for everyone in Hampshire and the UK.

By swapping your next international holiday for a local one, you will be supporting local businesses, hospitality and tourism, whilst reducing your carbon emissions and really getting to know the hidden gems that the UK and Hampshire has to offer. Booking a local holiday may also mean a reduced chance of cancellation compared to overseas travel.

Hampshire holidays

For ideas on where to go in Hampshire

Visit Hampshire has a great list of attractions and places to eat and drink.

There are also plenty of places to stay, such as planning your summer camping trip

You can also visit Hampshire's countryside and country parks during your holiday and discover walking and cycling routes

Did you know

Save up to over 250kg CO2 by swapping out one international flight.


Discover 14 Country parks and over 280 attractions in Hampshire.

country park

Could your next ‘new’ purchase be swapped with a second-hand bargain from your local area?

From furniture to electrical goods, clothes and more, see what pre-loved bargains you can find in your local area instead of going straight for brand new. It costs less, can help great causes, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Many of us have recently found new ways to shop by finding second-hand items being given away within the local community using online platforms and social media. With charity shops and local reuse organisations also now open there are plenty ‘one-of-a-kind’ finds out there.

Did you know

Buying secondhand furniture can save up to 32kg in CO2 emissions.


You could save up to over £200 by choosing a pre-loved furniture item.

furniture shop

Find more ways to do your bit for the planet

Explore the easy things you can do to reduce your carbon emissions or make your home and garden resilient to the changing climate, such as switching to green energy, reducing food waste or gardening for wildlife.

Making changes to the daily things we do can make a real difference.

Find out what you can do