What can I do?

Together we can make a difference. The things we do in our daily lives - how we travel and power our homes, the stuff we buy and then dispose of are all affecting climate change.

Making simple, everyday changes can help save money, create healthier lives and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions

    Explore what simple things you can do to reduce your carbon emissions.

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  • Make your home resilient to climate change

    Build resilience to climate change by preparing your home for the impacts of a rise in temperature.

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Find out your carbon footprint

It's up to all of us to look at the everyday things that could make a big difference. Take the first step by working out your carbon footprint with the WWF's calculator.

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Journey planner

You can reduce your driving time by planning your journey in advance. For more information visit my myjourneyhampshire.com.

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