Guided visits

Let our experts take the lead in these guided activities designed to make the most of the learning opportunities on offer at the park. Delve into the history of the site, learn how to handle creepy crawlies or embark on one of our orienteering courses for an unforgettable visit.

Staunton Country Park - Guided tours


Minibeast safari

Discover which types of minibeasts live at Staunton Country Park and why. Investigate the various habitats of these fascinating creatures at the park.

Key Stage 1 will be taught how to collect creatures safely, simple identification and recognition of the different animals’ body parts, while Key Stage 2 will focus on classification, behaviour, food chains and habitats.

Adaptation to habitat

Children are encouraged to compare two very different habitats through a series of fun activities.


Learn how plants live, grow and germinate by investigating the plants that are growing at Staunton. Children will be encouraged to think about how we use plants from the UK and tropical climates, as well as playing games to understand the importance of plants as habitats and within food chains.

Early years

Seasonal senses

Explore the park using your senses. Look at colours in nature, map the sounds of Staunton and collect materials of different textures. These activities will encourage the children to use their senses to learn about nature.

Team building, PE, PHSE

Team building

Tackle a variety of team-based activities, such as an obstacle course, orienteering and shelter building to understand the importance of teamwork.


This session looks at how to use map orientation and symbols as part of a team. Students will play some orienteering-themed games and then use their new skills to complete one of our courses.

John Muir sessions

Join our fantastic ranger and education team to earn your John Muir Award. Choose from our winter or spring programme and give your students an unforgettable learning experience.

Suitable for all ages, the John Muir Award encourages people of all background to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. There are two levels to this award: the Discovery Award and the Explorer Award. The Discovery Award requires four days or 25+ hours minimum time commitment and the Explorer Award requires eight days or 50+ hours minimum time commitment. The sessions run over a set period of time to meet the requirements of the award.

We’ll help students explore a range of different natural habitats and wildlife, teaching them the history of John Muir – the pioneering Scotsman who created the notion of national parks!

Channelling John Muir’s hands-on approach, we’ll aid learning by using tools and equipment to conserve that parkland’s habitats.


Around the lake in 50 years

Help Sir George Staunton to recover his precious journal sheets – which have been scattered around the park and lost. Not only do they hold the secrets of his life, but also an important hidden message.

Join us on a journey around the lake at Staunton Country Park for a treasure hunt through time, uncovering the history of the park and the world of Sir George Staunton.

Little Hedgehogs

Little Hedgehogs is a hands-on nature club for children aged 2½ to 4 years during term time. Sessions include outdoor based activities, craft, play and story time. Children and adult carers should dress for appropriate weather conditions. If children like muddy puddles, please bring a change of clothing.

We work in partnership with the parents and carers and encourage their involvement in sharing their child’s nature experiences together.

Sessions run fortnightly on a Monday morning from 10:30am to 11:30am. Booking is essential. For more information contact us via email at [email protected] or ring us on 03707 792222.