Art in the Park!

Appreciating art from the park's past and present.

15 June 2024 10am to 2pm

art in the park

Staunton Country Park Heritage Hub will be running the first Art in the Park Day!

There are six locations in the park where you’ll find a picture or photograph from earlier days and where you are invited to sit and draw or paint in your preferred medium. You will find an artist there who will support you: maybe you’d like to complete a sketch or painting in each of the six locations!

At 2pm those of you who have been busy sketching or painting away you are invited to display your work in a mini exhibition by the terrace.

What you need to know?

  • Please remember to bring your own art supplies e.g. paints, pencils, papers, canvas, chairs or easels. These won't be provided by the artists.
  • This is a free event to attend.
  • Parking charges apply.
  • All are welcome amateurs and professionals.
  • Please note this event does not take place at Staunton Farm.
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