Restoration Films by local student-cum-freelancer, Jack Halsall

In December 2018, a young man named Jack approached the park team with an idea and a camera in his hands

May 20 2021

Over two years later, we are proud to release his handiwork: three films which help us tell the story of the restoration works and the specific story of the Six Penny Six protests in 1969.

To be involved in filming the restoration was no small undertaking. For those of you who remember, over 2018-2019 we had several months of waiting (very patiently) for the work to start, followed by mud (which Jack trod through with his equipment!) and then lockdown (causing more delays and some access issues). We believe Jack’s patience and determination has helped us to tell a story of the team who worked against the elements to create the park anew.

We hope you agree that the main documentary tells this story very well. Alongside his other two films Sneaky Peak and The Six Penny Six, which we will celebrate at our 62nd anniversary this year, we will be releasing Jack’s films very soon and hope to display them in the Coach House.