Seasonal gardening tips for autumn and winter

Sep 14 2021

Autumn leaves

Chris, one of our Horticultural experts, passes on his top tips for a few jobs that might need doing for your garden over the next couple of months:

  • Perennials that are congested within the border can be lifted and divided at this time of year. When dividing, replant the outer divisions and throw away the middle part.
  • Clear the borders of debris as the trees drop their leaves. Fallen leaves provide hiding places for slugs and snails. It will be easier to do now rather than later, so don’t put this off!
  • Remember to protect your perennials from the cold weather. The chill can kill frost-tender and half-hardy plants so to make sure they survive the winter, mulch around the crowns with straw or woodchip.
  • Any tender plants, such as geraniums (Pelargonium types), need to be brought into the greenhouse before they are damaged by frost.
  • Lift and store any dahlias. Cut the stem down to a few inches, lift out the tuber and wash off the soil. Leave the tubers to dry off and dust with sulphur. Cover them with dry compost in a suitable container and store them in a frost-free shed or garage.
  • Reduced daylight hours and temperatures mean the garden start to slow down. This means it is the ideal time to get the mower cleaned and serviced as well as cleaning, oiling and sharpening any edge tools like secateurs and shears.
  • With strong winds sure to come, check that climbers are tied in and that any tall plants have suitable plant supports. Make sure that any young trees yet to establish themselves are properly staked to prevent uprooting.

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