How to create your own meadow and attract pollinators to your garden

Aug 8 2022

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How to create your own meadow and attract pollinators to your garden

Creating your own meadow at home is a great way to improve the biodiversity of your garden and to support some friendly pollinators.

Head gardener Fran Clifton, guides us through the meadows at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, giving out top tips on how to create your own meadow at home to attract pollinators to your garden. The Gardens include native grasses and wildflowers, such as yellow rattle, which make a big contribution to creating biodiversity in the meadows. Find out more about the pollinators attracted to the meadows such as butterflies, insects and bees.

Here are some key things to remember:

  • You can create a meadow in any garden whether it is shady or sunny.
  • Cut your meadow once a year once the flowers have finished flowering and the seeds have dropped. Give it time for these seeds to fall. This is usually around late August/ September.
  • Once the wildflowers have started to appear, usually in springtime, stop mowing your garden.
  • Pick up your grass clippings afterwards and dispose of these. You do not want to fertilise this area.
  • You can introduce species of wildflower to your meadow by pocket sowing seeds. These are best sown in the autumn around September and October.
  • Match the wildflower seeds to your soil structure.
  • You don’t need a large area to grow a meadow, you could leave a square meter of uncut grass.
  • Check out the video below for some top tips on creating your own meadow at home.

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