Proposals for the future at Titchfield Haven

Hampshire County Council is committed to the conservation and protection of Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve, an internationally important site for rare wildlife and special habitats. We want to ensure Titchfield Haven remains a thriving part of the local community under the County Council’s management, to deliver an enhanced visitor experience of the site’s wildlife and habitats and continue to support its volunteer network.

View of Titchfield Haven

The proposed changes (set out below) would increase investment in the national nature reserve, supporting habitats and wildlife, and enhance how visitors can access and enjoy this special place.

We know the nature reserve is much loved and valued by the local community and visitors from further afield, and we are very fortunate to have a fantastic team of volunteers.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposals aim to prioritise resources on the NNR, including delivering our statutory obligations, in both a more financially and environmentally sustainable way.

The proposed changes for Titchfield Haven are to:

Sell two buildings: Haven House and Haven Cottage

Both buildings are ageing and requiring significant investment to maintain:

Haven House (Visitor Centre)

This would include the closure of the current reception, café, and shop. Toilet facilities and an information point for visitors would be retained at the entrance to the East Reserve.

Haven Cottage

This is a vacant residential building, Grade II listed, with no public access.

Re-invest the proceeds from the sale of these two properties in the nature reserve

This would include investment in:

  • The nature reserve, increasing the investment in our management to help protect and enhance the habitats for wildlife 
  • Visitor facilities and access to the reserve (toilet, membership and admissions, a new digital booking system, information boards)
  • A new sustainable operational base for staff and volunteers

Artists impression showing early stage design to provide an indication of the proposed changes to the visitor entrance

Artists impression of the proposed changes at Titchfield Haven
  1. Existing Haven Cottage
  2. Existing Haven House
  3. Existing and proposed vehicular access
  4. Proposed new pedestrian footpath link to the reserve
  5. Proposed new staff administrative hub and visitor entrance
  6. Existing Public Right of Way

The proposals would see the area reconfigured to accommodate the sale of Haven House and Haven Cottage. We would look to create a new purpose-built building to provide a bespoke visitor entrance and information point, alongside staff and volunteer facilities to the East of the reserve. This would include accessible toilet provision for visitors. In addition, we propose to provide a new pedestrian-only access route to the new entrance point to improve visitor access.


The proposed changes mean that fewer paid roles would be needed specifically those related to the running of the café, shop, and visitor centre. Staff at the nature reserve are being supported through these changes which are now subject to a formal consultation.

The staff remaining at the nature reserve would become part of a wider Countryside sites team, bringing greater depth and breadth of expertise in conservation and habitat management to the Titchfield reserve and offer better opportunities and support for the staff.

A nesting box on a tree


Titchfield Haven is fortunate to have a fantastic team of volunteers and most volunteering opportunities will continue in the future proposals. Although some reception/shop volunteer opportunities would reduce, there would remain an information point for visitors and opportunities to engage with visitors in the reserve.

Boardwalk at Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve

The public engagement is now concluded.

Feedback from the survey will be included as part of final recommendations for the future of Titchfield Haven, which will be considered by the Executive Member for Countryside, Culture and Communities on 8 December 2022.

Please read the report to be considered.