Consultation with the Highway Authority

Hampshire County Council, in its role as Local Highway Authority, sometimes needs to be consulted on planning applications. We will focus on applications that have an impact on the safe and efficient operation of the highway. The aim would be to reduce negative impact. The level of advice when consulted will vary depending on the scale, location and nature of the plan.

Planning authorities, for example district councils, must consult Hampshire County Council where development:

  • is likely to result in an increase in the volume or a change in the type of traffic entering or leaving the area
  • is likely to prejudice the improvement or construction of a classified road or proposed highway
  • involves the formation, laying out or alteration of any means of access to a highway
  • involves the construction of access to premises affording access to a road where a toll order is in force
  • includes the laying out or construction of a new street

The planning authority is not required to consult with Hampshire County Council when we have advised that we do not wish to be consulted. Where development is the subject to standing advice, consultation is not required either.

The consultation guidance document explains our consultation requirements and standing advice.

Download the consultation guidance document