Information for highways developers

Hampshire County Council considers the transport implications of major planning applications across the county

Highways development planning

Whilst many parts of the transport network have returned to similar conditions and traffic levels as prior to the pandemic, this is not consistent across all routes and it is therefore advised to check with Highways Development Planning as to whether traffic volume surveys will be considered suitable for collection in specific locations. It may be necessary to obtain comparison data or undertake a sensitivity test to ensure traffic volume data is robust.

We encourage applicants to use our Pre-Application Service.

Highways development planning considers what impact a plan for a new development will have on the roads and transport in the area.

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Highway Development Agreements

Highway Development Agreements Guidance for Developers provides an overview of the different sections of the Highways Act (1980) relevant to the construction and adoption of Highway Works undertaken by Developers. It directs the reader to the most appropriate form of Agreement, together with outlining the design check procedure and providing details of the associated fees and costs.

Further guidance regarding the main types of Agreement/Licence are provide in the following sections together with information regarding Hampshire County Council’s Commuted Sum Policy.

Adoptable standards

The design and construction standards required for any work undertaken within the existing highway and for any new works to be put forward for adoption as highway. The Highway Construction Standard Details should be referenced rather than redrawn within the scheme drawings. The technical guidance details the design standards to be used within Hampshire together with example drawings for lighting and traffic signals.