Information for highways developers

Hampshire County Council considers the transport implications of major planning applications across the county

Highways development planning

The ongoing Coronavirus situation is affecting traffic levels and travel patterns in Hampshire. This affect has been pronounced since 16 March 2020. As a result traffic volume surveys undertaken at this time will not robustly reflect traffic flows and network operation. On this basis, Officers will not be accepting any traffic volume survey data collected from that period until further notice.

If you wish to discuss the use of alternative trip data in relation to supporting planning application material you are putting together, this will be considered on a case by case basis. Highways Development Planning will be pragmatic where possible but this will need to be reciprocated by applicants if further traffic survey checks are requested to validate particular assumptions which are later challenged in the run up to determination.

Speed surveys undertaken during this period will be considered on a case by case basis.

We encourage applicants to utilise our Pre-Application Service.

Highways development planning considers what impact a plan for a new development will have on the roads and transport in the area.


Legal agreements

These are the main sections of the Highway Act (1980) that enable developers to connect their developments to the existing highway or put forward new development roads for adoption as highway.

Adoptable standards

The design and construction standards required for any work undertaken within the existing highway and for any new works to be put forward for adoption as highway. The Highway Construction Standard Details should be referenced rather than redrawn within the scheme drawings. The technical guidance details the design standards to be used within Hampshire together with example drawings for lighting and traffic signals.