Section 278 agreement

Works to existing highways

Section 278: Guidance for Developers (Updated September 2016) outlines the design check procedure, provides information on the approvals process and details the level of fees and commuted sums required in connection with Section 278 Highway Works.

Section 278: Technical Submission Requirements (Updated July 2016) provides developers and their consultants with all the information required to enable them to submit a complete Section 278 submission for design checking. Submission of complete packages enables the design check team to process design checks quickly within the timeframes detailed in the document. This document also details all the steps required to enable a start of works on site and the procedures for final maintenance and adoption of the completed works.

Note: This document is currently under review. As-built drawings are now required prior to the issue of the Completion Certificate. The Completion Certificate will not be issued until a full set of accurate as-built drawings (PDF and packaged DWG formats) have been received.

Submission checklists

The submission checklists detail what a Developer/Consultant must submit to enable Hampshire County Council to undertake a S278 Design Check on the Developer's proposals. There is also the template form to be used when requesting a Departure or Relaxation from Standard:

S278 Minor Works Submission Checklist (Updated May 2019)

S278 Preliminary Design Submission Checklist (Updated May 2019)

S278 Detailed Design Submission Checklist (Updated May 2019)

S278 Combined Design Submission Checklist (Updated May 2019)

Request for a Departure from Standard (Updated May 2019)

Pre-Start Meeting Agenda (S278) (Updated May 2019)

S278 Design Audit Outline Programme (Updated May 2019)