Pre-application advice

Pre-application highway advice service for developers

We welcome and encourage discussions before a developer submits a planning application.

As part of Hampshire County Council’s pre-application service discussions will be had relating to proposed access arrangements, the transport impacts of new development proposals and possible mitigation associated with development. Hampshire County Council also through the pre-application service promote engagement regarding site masterplanning and proposed layouts.

Benefits of the service

  • Bespoke advice and knowledge sharing on the application of national and local policies and guidance relevant to the proposal
  • Information on the wider network/proposals including identification of existing Highway Authority proposals/measures for which the scheme may be expected to contribute or benefit from
  • Reducing time in development and design of proposals
  • Collaborative approach to solve problems
  • Joined up pre-application approach with Local Planning Authorities to achieve layouts which meet planning requirements and are also suitable for onward highway adoption
  • Improved quality of designs, derived from enhanced collaboration between professionals
  • Avoidance of abortive time and cost by identifying unacceptable proposals early
  • Greater level of certainty for applicants
  • Provision of a formal written response which can be submitted in support at the planning application stage
  • Enhanced sustainability credentials via early engagement and identification of opportunities
  • Expedited decision making process at the formal submission stage
  • A comprehensive ‘One Highway Authority Voice’ response which includes internal stakeholders/consultees

Services and fees

Hampshire County Council offers several services to choose from, depending on the type and size of your proposed development.

The guidance document provides more detail on each of the options and provides a form to request advice.

Download the guidance document

Please note the County Council introduced a Policy for the Protection of Highway Trees affected by New Developments in 2019, aiming to reduce the loss of highway trees.

See Hampshire County Council’s Technical Guidance policies for further information.

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