Pre-application advice

Pre-application highway advice service for developers

We welcome and encourage discussions before a developer submits a planning application.

Benefits of the service

  • May reduce the time and cost involved in writing proposals for you and your professional advisers
  • Improved application that is more likely to approved
  • Reduce the the risk of extra cost following unsuccessful applications
  • Speed up the decision making process once you have submitted your application.

The advice can include:

  • relevant policies and guidance
  • the level of detail and supporting information needed to provide an assessment of highways and transport issues
  • whether a contribution towards highways or transport improvements is likely to be required
  • ensuring your Transport Statement/Assessment is likely to meet our requirements
  • suitability of access arrangements (may need a separate concept design check with associated fees)

Please note the County Council introduced a Policy for the Protection of Highway Trees affected by New Developments in 2019, aiming to reduce the loss of highway trees.

See Hampshire County Council’s Technical Guidance policies for further information.

Services and fees

Hampshire County Council offers several services to choose from, depending on the type and size of your proposed development.

The guidance document provides more detail on each of the options and provides a form to request advice.

Download the guidance document and request form

  • Small scale development
  • £350
  • + VAT
  • Medium scale development
  • £750
  • + VAT
  • Large scale development
  • £1250
  • + VAT
  • Major (I) scale development
  • £2000
  • + VAT
  • Major (II) scale development
  • £2000
  • + VAT and additional costs
  • Additional meeting or site visit
  • £100-£150
  • + VAT