Transport assessments

Developers submit a transport assessment as part of a planning application. It forms part of the Council's considerations of the transport implications.

Transport assessments detail the estimated impact of developments on the highway network. The assessment studies existing transport infrastructure and the current traffic situation. It predicts the effect that the proposed development would have.

Not all planning applications need a transport assessment. However we may ask you for one even if your plan doesn't meet the usual thresholds. This could be due to potential cumulative effects.

Land use Threshold above which a transport assessment is required
Residential 50 units
Commercial: B1 and B2 2500 sqm
Commercial: B8 5000 sqm
Retail 1000 sqm
Education 2500 sqm
Health Establishments 2500 sqm
Care Establishments 500 sqm or 50 bedrooms
Leisure: General 1000 sqm
Leisure: Stadia, ice rinks All (1500 seats)
Miscellaneous Commercial 500 sqm