Apply for hoarding or temporary structure consent

You need consent to place hoarding and temporary structures on a public road or highway

What is it for

Consent is required to erect hoarding or other temporary structures on a public highway. This includes private streets where the public have right of access. Where erection of the hoarding requires excavation of the highway a Road Opening Licence must also be obtained. You don't need consent to place hoarding or temporary structures on private roads.

Every application is considered on an individual basis and site specific conditions may be applied to ensure public safety.

Who can apply

Companies should apply on behalf of their customers.

Before you apply

You will need to provide the following:

  • the precise location where the structure is to be erected must be stated. Alternatively, you can supply a plan which clearly identifies the location where the structure is to be erected
  • consent will only be granted to the individual or firm making the application. It cannot be transferred to any other person or firm
  • you may be required to provide details of any lighting and signing & guarding prior to the approval of the licence
Conditions of consent

  • The temporary structure shall be placed so as to avoid undue obstruction and interference with users of the highway and at least 1.25m clear on the footpath for the passage of pedestrians shall be maintained. If this clearance on the footway cannot be maintained, a portion of the carriageway must be fenced off for protection. Such fencing will need to be approved by the County Council and may be subject to further conditions
  • The structure shall be designed, erected, secured and maintained in accordance with all relevant, current standards and with due regard to a comprehensive risk assessment. Such risk assessment shall take particular account of the erection, maintenance and dismantling and the effect of and on all types of traffic that will pass under or nearby the structure. Proof of compliance with such may be required by the County Council prior to granting the licence and at any point in the duration of the consent
  • The lower portions of any structure shall be painted white or wrapped in brightly coloured 'hazard' tape to a height of 2m. Structures shall be illuminated by means of amber danger lamps. Such illumination shall be provided to define the extent of any obstruction of the highway. The lighting requirements will differ with each application and the contractors proposals for such may be required by the County Council prior to granting the licence. As a minimum, lamps shall be placed at the extremities of any structure and at regular intervals (usually 4m) along its length. Lamps shall be steady and have an illuminative power of not less than one candela and must remain lit throughout the hours of darkness (between half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise). They shall be placed in such a manner as to not cause a nuisance to pedestrians or vehicular traffic
  • All structures shall be signed and guarded at all times, in accordance with the requirements described in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. Works for the erection and dismantling of the structure shall also be signed and guarded in accordance with this document. Signing and guarding shall provide for the safe passage of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all times. The County Council may require signing and guarding proposals prior to the approval of the consent
  • No part of the highway shall be excavated without obtaining prior permission from the County Council
  • All necessary precautions must be taken to protect the public, including where necessary the erection of protective screens
  • Except where specifically authorised by the County Council by this licence no part of the highway may be closed, at any time
  • The applicant shall allow at least four clear working days between the date of application for consent to place a structure on the highway and the date on which the consent is intended to commence
  • Any request for an extension to the period for which the consent has been granted must be made by submitting a further application and fee to the County Council at least 48 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays) prior to the expiry of the existing consent
  • The applicant shall indemnify the County Council in respect of any liability, loss, claim, or proceeding whatsoever arising under the statute or common law, which may arise from the placing of the structure on the highway or their removal therefrom
  • The applicant shall effect insurance indemnifying the applicant and the County Council in the terms of the indemnity set out in condition 10 hereof for the duration of the consent and shall, when required by the County Council produce evidence of such insurance to the satisfaction of the County Council. Such insurance shall afford indemnity of not less than £10 million in respect of each and every occurrence or series of occurrences caused by or attributable to any event giving rise to a claim
  • On the expiry of the consent the highway where the structure was positioned shall be left in a clean and tidy condition and any damage to the highway shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the County Council at the expense of the applicant
  • Any significant alterations to a licensed structure that will affect the highway shall cause the consent to be withdrawn unless the County Council first agrees such alterations. Where such alterations are to be made the Licence holder shall inform the County Council in writing giving full details of the alterations, including any change to the lighting and signing & guarding arrangements
  • Nothing in this consent absolves the applicant from his responsibilities under Section 172 of the Highways Act 1980, as to requirements pertaining to hoardings
  • The door of any structure covered by this consent shall not open onto any street that is open to the public use during the period of this consent
  • Nothing in this consent absolves the applicant from his responsibilities to maintain access or provide protection to apparatus owned, used or maintained by Statutory Undertakers


The applicant should allow seven clear working days between the date of application for consent and the date on which the consent is intended to commence. Installation of the structure should not commence before approval of the application has been issued.

  • £192.50
  • On application / for the first 2 weeks of the licence
  • £72
  • Charged for each additional 2 week period

If you would like to cancel your application after submission, you may not be entitled to a full refund if work has already commenced to process it.

You will receive an automated receipt when paying for this service. No VAT is charged as this is a non-business service and the VAT is classed as ‘out-of-scope’. However, should it be required for your records, Hampshire County Council’s VAT number is GB 189 4068 22.

If scaffolding is required, in addition to hoarding or temporary structures, an additional licence and fee applies.


When applying for consent ensure you submit a request for the full period of work as we do not offer extensions. If you require additional time on the highway you will be required to submit a new application with the associated fees.

If you're happy you understand the conditions and charges,

Upon application you will be required to pay the fee. Please have your payment details ready before submitting your application.